Grace’s mom and I have a mutual friend.  No, not someone I’ve met since moving to Seattle.  Sometimes connections form in the most interesting ways.

It’s a friend from her former life in California.  Whom I studied abroad with in Dublin [gosh, was that 10 years ago already?].

Through the magic of Facebook, we all came together.

And then a few months later… this happened:


This family is the sweetest.  They invited me to join them at a park near their Seattle home.  It was a neighborhood I’d never visited [Seward Park], but I’d driven by it almost daily.  As soon as I drove down their cute little street, I was smitten with the area and immediately understood why they wanted to do the session here.  With a backdrop of lovely cherry blossoms!


Grace just turned two and is a really, really happy little girl with a smile that is infectious & a vast vocabulary that made laugh.  It was so much fun to spend the morning with her & her little pink bunny.  Many, many thanks to Kathleen for bringing us all together!

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