what is a digital photo organizing session with miss freddy?

During a Digital Photo Organizing session with Miss Freddy, I use screen sharing software to sort photos on YOUR computer, remove duplicates, and back them up to the cloud.... anywhere in the WORLD!

I’m going to let you in on a little secret, friends… Digital Photo Organizing Sessions are MY FAVORITE PRODUCT OFFERING!  They’re also the service that’s currently in highest demand in my Photo Organizing business.  I know there are SO MANY people out there that NEED this service so I wanted to spotlight it today and answer some frequently asked questions about Digital Photo Organizing sessions.

what is a digital photo organizing session?

A Digital Photo Organizing session is the solution to your digital photo overwhelm!  I use screen sharing software that allows me to work ON YOUR COMPUTER to organize your digital photos (no matter where in the world you are located!).  I consolidate your photos from multiple sources (Apple Photos library, external hard drives, phones, various folders… to name a few), sort and organize them into a simple folder structure that’s easy to access and maintain, remove duplicates, and back it all up to your preferred cloud service provider (I will talk you through the pros and cons of various providers to help you make your decision).

During a Digital Photo Organizing session with Miss Freddy, I use screen sharing software to sort photos on YOUR computer, remove duplicates, and back them up to the cloud.... anywhere in the WORLD!

who is a digital photo organizing session for?

Anyone who feels overwhelmed by their digital photos, wants their photos to be organized + easy to find, and wishes to access their photos on multiple devices.  Busy moms, retired grandparents, Mac users, PC users, iPhone users, and Android users.  The tech savvy and the not-so tech savvy.  In the United States or worldwide.  I’ve helped ALL KINDS of clients.

how does a screen sharing session work?

Prior to our meeting, I will send a link to the private screen sharing appointment.  At the start of our session, I will call you on the phone and you will enter the screen sharing meeting via your computer.  Once we are both in the meeting, you will grant me access to view your screen and mouse control.

During the first meeting, we will chat for about an hour over the phone while we discuss the current state of your photos, options for cloud service solutions, and decide on the ideal plan for YOU going forward.  Each client’s photo organizing plan is unique, based on what works for your lifestyle and preferences.

After we’ve made a plan, we can end the phone call, while I continue to work independently.  You’re welcome to watch or do something slightly more interesting (watching someone else organize your files can be a bit of a snooze fest).

When we close the screen sharing meeting, I no longer have access to your computer.  We will need to initiate a new session for each appointment.

how many hours does a typical project take?

Every project is unique, but most are completed in 1-2 weeks.  You will need to be available on the phone for about an hour during the initial consultation and for the wrap up call at the end of the project (again about an hour).  During the time in between, I will work independently via screen share.

how much does it cost?

My digital photo organizing sessions are a flat rate of $1500 for up to 5 photo sources.  Sources can include your choice of phone/iCloud, computer, old computers, external hard drives, cloud services like dropbox, etc.  $500 is due at time of booking and the remaining balance is due the week of the session.  An ‘extra large’ session is available for clients with more than 5 photo sources.

how do I book a session?

Book your session here!  Sessions are typically booked about 2 months in advance.

and just for fun… what’s the strangest thing you’ve seen while working with other people’s photos?

Truthfully, they’re just files to me… I minimize the thumbnails and rarely see many of the photos.  I did have one client who had over 2TB OF DUPLICATES though (caused by multiple computer crashes and photo library restores)!  That’s larger than my ENTIRE personal photo library!

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