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Tag Archives: how to organize your photos

3 things that will make your photos less overwhelming

InfoTrend estimates that 1.3 TRILLION photos will be taken in 2017.  Now that our photos are almost exclusively taken on our phones, it’s easy to produce images with very little thought (remember when we used to develop a roll of film, hold on to the keepers and throw the rest away?). A quick scroll through...

tackle your memories! a free photo organizing course

**NOTE: This course has been retired and replaced with the Backup Bootcamp.  You can get more information about the Backup Bootcamp here!   Are you totally overwhelmed by the volume of photos in your life? (physical, digital, phone, computer… ahhh!!)  ​Do you feel guilty that they’re mostly in boxes/storage or hiding on a hard drive?...



Actually, my name is Casey. As a newborn I resembled Fred Flintstone so my parents nicknamed me Freddy and it stuck. I am a professional photo organizer (yes, that's a thing!) who helps people all over the world make sense of their photo mess through organizing services and self-paced online courses.


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