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8 Helpful New iOS16 Photo Features

The new iOS16 released yesterday for iPhone and it has a lot of REALLY FUN new photo-related features! iOS16 is available for iPhone 8 or newer. Here are 8 new iOS Photos Features: Duplicate Removal When I shared this on Instagram, it seemed like the most popular new feature. Duplicates will be identified automatically in...

5 tips that will change the way you use Apple Notes

Here are some incredibly useful tips for Apple Notes that will change the way you use the app. Apple Notes is powerful and has the functionality for so much more than typing some text. After reading through this blog post, you will find new ways to navigate Apple Notes.

how to create an annual video reel in iMovie

At the end of each year, I like to take all of my random iPhone video clips and compile them into one, long annual video reel for my family to enjoy.  Sort of like the ‘old’ days when we’d pop the camcorder tape into the VCR and watch home videos as a family (am I...



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