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creating a family yearbook: designing pages

Yay! It’s time for the next post in my Family Yearbook series. If you missed the first post I shared last week, please go back and start there because it’s important to begin with Step 1. Guys, I’m SO excited about this post. I have been documenting my family’s story using annual photo books for...

the easiest way to download phone photos to your Mac

Have you ever wished downloading photos from your phone was as simple as plugging the phone into your Mac?  Why does iPhoto/Photos have to get involved?  And why is iTunes trying to come to the party?  I JUST WANT TO DOWNLOAD MY PHOTOS. In fact, it CAN BE as simple as plugging your phone into...

organizing a lifetime of photos

We so rarely print our photos anymore.  It’s the digital age.  Yet, most of us have boxes of printed photos from the past hiding in storage.  On occasion, we see the boxes and think ‘WHAT should I do with those?’  We do nothing.  We see the boxes and think ‘There are some great memories in...

tackle your memories! a free photo organizing course

**NOTE: This course has been retired and replaced with the Backup Bootcamp.  You can get more information about the Backup Bootcamp here!   Are you totally overwhelmed by the volume of photos in your life? (physical, digital, phone, computer… ahhh!!)  ​Do you feel guilty that they’re mostly in boxes/storage or hiding on a hard drive?...



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