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preserving your memories: organizing videos

Is it really Friday already?  It’s been quite a week!  To recap, we’ve talked about how to safely handle & store your family’s photos, how to quickly scan photos to create digital copies, how to back up those digital files, and how to create photo memory books.  But for this final post in the ‘preserving your memories’...

preserving your memories: photo books

Ok, so now that we’ve created digital copies of all our photos, what should we do with them?  Sure, they’re properly backed up on the computer now, but will anyone ever see them? My favorite way to USE my digital photos is to create photo books.  I create one family yearbook each year that houses all of...

preserving your memories: backing up digital photos

If you’ve been following along through this series, you now know how to properly store your photos and quickly scan them to create digital copies.  Today I’m going to share my advice on how to backup digital photos! By now I think everyone has their own heartbreaking story of loss.  For me, it was shortly after I...

preserving your memories: scanning old photos

Remember the ‘olden days‘ when you’d carefully snap photos on a film camera (for me, it was usually a disposable one), wait for the roll to fill, then wait even longer for development?  Finally, with a stack of photos in hand, you’d flip through them and laugh, picking your favorite to frame or pin on...

preserving your memories: photo storage

I’m really excited to feature an article today written by Meaghan Kahlo, owner of Ephemera Photo Organizing here in West Seattle.  Meaghan brought her son to my Halloween mini sessions last fall and when I found out what she does for a living, I was really intrigued!  Meaghan is a personal archivist and certified personal photo...



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