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the easiest way to download phone photos to your Mac

Have you ever wished downloading photos from your phone was as simple as plugging the phone into your Mac?  Why does iPhoto/Photos have to get involved?  And why is iTunes trying to come to the party?  I JUST WANT TO DOWNLOAD MY PHOTOS. In fact, it CAN BE as simple as plugging your phone into...

tips for scanning physical photos

Earlier this month, I released my Backup Bootcamp that walked through my 3 simple steps for organizing + backing up your DIGITAL photos. I kept that course focused strictly on digital photos to prevent any additional overwhelm surrounding the process (aren’t we overwhelmed enough?). I have lots of thoughts about preserving your PHYSICAL photos though...

3 things that will make your photos less overwhelming

InfoTrend estimates that 1.3 TRILLION photos will be taken in 2017.  Now that our photos are almost exclusively taken on our phones, it’s easy to produce images with very little thought (remember when we used to develop a roll of film, hold on to the keepers and throw the rest away?). A quick scroll through...

organizing a lifetime of photos

We so rarely print our photos anymore.  It’s the digital age.  Yet, most of us have boxes of printed photos from the past hiding in storage.  On occasion, we see the boxes and think ‘WHAT should I do with those?’  We do nothing.  We see the boxes and think ‘There are some great memories in...

preserving your memories: photo storage

I’m really excited to feature an article today written by Meaghan Kahlo, owner of Ephemera Photo Organizing here in West Seattle.  Meaghan brought her son to my Halloween mini sessions last fall and when I found out what she does for a living, I was really intrigued!  Meaghan is a personal archivist and certified personal photo...



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