Are your photos a mess? 

Do you want to create photo books for your family, but things feel like too much of a mess to know where to begin?

Do you carry a constant worry that you could lose ALL your photos? (sure, you're paying for iCloud, but do you understand how it works?)

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If you're stressed about the state of your camera roll, you're in the right place.

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I'm really really happy I stumbled upon your Backup Bootcamp course. What an amazing, simple-to-use course. I feel a weight lifted already and I'm only halfway through. When I'm done I'm going to recommend to all my friends! Thanks so much!

- Devon

Backup Bootcamp

I am blown away by this album!!
My husband and I love it so much! I cannot thank you enough for making this process so easy! 


Custom Keepsake Album SERVICE

This was such a simple, helpful resource. My favorite part were the pep talks! Casey is such an expert but she made me feel like I could actually get a handle on my camera roll. This e-book is a no-brainer. Will definitely be referencing it again and again!

- Catherine

Conquer Your Photo Overwhelm eBook

Wanted to say thank you for a brilliant course. Really easy to understand. Great videos. Fantastic support as well. Real confidence booster. Thank you!


Backup Bootcamp

It was painless and lifted such a weight off my shoulders. I had been promising myself I'd organize my photos since I retired 4 years ago and I was dreading it. Thanks, Miss Freddy!


Digital Org Session

Wow your classes have made a huge positive impact on my life! I have all my digital photos backed up and organized, and I made my first family yearbook. I feel so much lighter! Plus my fiancé and I love having our first family yearbook on our coffee table. Thank you!!

- Hilary


I have started and stopped my 'photo organizing' project many times over the years, this is exactly what I needed. I was very afraid to let go and did a lot of double checking but this system is foolproof if you just do what she says! Thank you!


Backup Bootcamp

Thanks to Casey and the Family Yearbooks course, I was able to create ten years of beautiful family photo books. Before taking her course, I had tried unsuccessfully to start this project several times but became overwhelmed by what felt like an impossible backlog. She is truly the guru of photo organization.


Family Yearbooks

200% recommend Miss Freddy. Her simple to use course was easy to follow, I felt empowered about my decisions, and I have sooo much less anxiety around photos now.

- Meghann

Backup Bootcamp

I had no idea where to even begin with my mess of photos, and I was so overwhelmed by them. Backup Bootcamp made it so easy for me to gather and organize them, and it gave me a SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE system that I love using now! I was so impressed/relieved/thankful that I've already purchased other Miss Freddy courses and e-books and am so excited to keep learning!



You can do this!

No matter what your camera roll looks like right now, you can implement these THREE TRICKS today. No prep work required!

No more excuses! Ready to rediscover the JOY in your photos? ⬇


Hi! I'm Miss Freddy. 

My name is actually Casey, but my parents started calling me Freddy at birth (they thought I resembled Fred Flintstone!) and unfortunately the name stuck.

I'm a Professional Photo Organizer, Online Educator, and Mom of 2.

I'm here to help you overcome your digital overwhelm so you can rediscover the JOY in your photos!