Photo organizing is our super power.

We have helped thousands of clients and students all over the world move from overwhelmed to overjoyed with their photos.

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digital photos for clients via screen share!

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You can’t use and enjoy your photos when you feel paralyzed by the mess and stuck in the constant worry they could be lost.

Need a baby photo for your son’s graduation slideshow? What if you could find it in seconds? (It’s possible!) 

Want to create a special photo book of your daughter’s gymnastics memories? What if it was easy and you maybe even had FUN doing it? (yes, really!) 

You are capable of organizing your photos. We can help make it easier. 

We are on a mission to make you the hero of your photos again.

I'm Casey, but I’m known as

My parents nicknamed me Fred as a newborn because they thought I resembled Fred Flintstone. Luckily I've outgrown the resemblance but they still call me Freddy, not Casey! You are welcome to call me either one. 

I live in Colorado with my husband, two kids, and micro-mini goldendoodle (that’s a dog).

I took the organizational skills I fine-tuned during my 10 years as a professional photographer and created simple workflows that allow my clients and students to conquer their photo overwhelm and enjoy their photos again.  

Miss Freddy. 

Meet the Team

Digital Photo Organizer

As a mom of four, Kelly understands how overwhelming photo collections can be. She loves wrapping up a digital organizing project, where she shares her client’s excitement over their newly organized and accessible photo library.

Kelly is based in Northern Michigan, but you can often find her at an airport taking advantage of every opportunity to travel.


Digital Photo Organizer

Tess is a photographer turned professional photo organizer who is passionate about helping people not only organize, but utilize their photos and videos.

You'll find her adventuring around the PNW accompanied by her husband and 2 boys.


Album Designer

Veronica is a mom of three and an enthusiastic reader living in Western New York. Whether it is capturing the magic of a wedding day, preserving the adventures of a family vacation, or documenting your family's year in review, she loves turning your cherished moments into unforgettable keepsakes.

When she is not designing albums, you will likely find her lost in a book or adventuring in nature with her family


You’ve lived with your photo frustration for long enough. 

It’s time to experience the RELIEF that comes from having an organized photo library, with backups you trust, so you can ENJOY your photos again. 

All you need to do today is decide if you want to do this work yourself (with a self-paced online course) or you’d prefer it done for you (with 1:1 services).  

“Wow! I didn’t know this existed!
I need you! Where do I start?”