Tired of feeling frustrated and overwhelmed by your photos? 

Hand it over to a certified professional photo organizer.

(Yes, that's a thing!)

Done-for-you solutions include: 

We gather your scattered photos into one photo hub, create proper backups and teach you how to maintain it.

️Digital Organizing Sessions



We digitize old media formats like VHS tapes, slides/negatives so you can give them new life.

️Scanning and Video Conversion



We design beautiful keepsake items your family can enjoy for a lifetime.

️Photo and Video Book Design



The solution to your digital photo overwhelm! Using screen sharing software, I work on YOUR computer to organize your digital photos (anywhere in the world)!

Starting at $1000

️Digital Organizing Sessions

A maintenance session is an annual checkup where I organize the most recent year's worth of photos and make sure everything continues to run smoothly.

️Digital Maintenance Session

*Only for clients who have previously completed a full digital photo organizing session.*

During a 45 minute phone consult, we can cover your photo organizing questions. You will also have the option to screen share during our consult so that I can demonstrate concepts right on your computer.


Digital OrganizING SERVices

Note: on summer break for July

Note: on summer break for July

Note: on summer break for July

Keep your memories safe by creating high-resolution digital copies on a USB drive.

Photos 8x10 or smaller: $0.79/photo
Negatives or slides: $0.89/photo
Oversized items up to 12x12: $0.99/page

Orders are completed within 4 weeks unless rush service is requested.

Photo Scanning

Uncover long lost memories and convert them into a digital format your family can enjoy! VHS, VHS-C, MiniDV, 8mm, Hi8, Digital8, 8mm+16mm film reels formats accepted.


20% discount for 20+ tapes
Orders are completed within 8 weeks unless rush service is requested.

Video Conversion

Do you have CDs and DVDs that you can no longer access because you don't have a disc drive? Videos burned on DVD often require additional conversion so I'll convert and save the files onto a USB drive for you.

Orders are completed within 4 weeks unless rush service is requested.

DVDs and CDs

Scanning & Video Conversion

Note: on summer break for July

Note: on summer break for July

Note: on summer break for July

If you enjoy paging through photo books, you will LOVE this innovative VIDEO book!
Features a personalized cover and a 7" LCD screen inside that automatically plays the loaded videos (up to 1 hour of footage).

Family Video Book

Love the idea of creating an annual family yearbook, but can't seem to find the time? Let me do the work! I'll turn your photos + stories into a book the whole family will love! Includes up to 70 pages.

Family Year Book

For the really special moment that demands the finest album- this luxury lay-flat leather album is stunning.

A lovely gift for birthdays or anniversaries! Includes 20 pages.

Keepsake Albums


*Full wrap photo cover available for additional $50.

*Optional Add-On ($150): Send ALL photos from the year and I will handle selecting the best photos to include in your album!*

Note: on summer break for July

Note: on summer break for July

Note: on summer break for July

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Give a Gift Certificate!

Prefer to Organize Yourself?

If hiring a certified professional is not currently in your budget, my affordable online courses will guide you step-by-step through your photo project (with valuable time-saving tricks I’ve learned after doing this work for more than 10 years)!  



What is the charge to get started? 

There's no deposit to get started.  I digitize your items and send an invoice when the project is complete.
If it's helpful for estimating the cost of a scanning project, a 1 inch stack of prints is roughly 100 photos.

Do I get the photos or videos back?

It's up to you! On the Project Form you'll indicate if you want me to return the original items in addition to the digital files.

How do you deliver the digital files?

The digital files are returned on a flash drive- one is included with each scanning project at no charge. If you'd like additional flash drives (maybe one for every sibling, for example) I charge the cost of the drive. There is also an option to use digital delivery if you don't want a flash drive.

How are the digital files organized?

I create a digital folder structure that matches your physical organization. For example, if your photos are organized into envelopes labeled by year, I will create digital folders that match those years- each envelope will become its own digital folder.

No organization is required for this project- many clients just send a box of photos!- but any organizing you have, I will match digitally.

How should I ship the items so they don't get damaged?

I will provide shipping instructions + a mailing address after you complete the Project Form. 

I'm nervous to ship my memories... what should I do?

If you're nervous about shipping, I recommend sending items in smaller batches. You don't need to put everything in one box, at the same time!

Can I include videos + photos in the same box?

Of course! I'll digitize prints, negatives, slides, VHS Tapes, camcorder tapes, CDs, DVDs, and video reels... you can send me all of it!