5 Things I Love About Being a Professional Photo Organizer

When I was little I never had an answer to ‘what I wanted to be when I grew up’… I think it’s because I didn’t know a Professional Photo Organizer was an option!

My business journey began in 2010 when I bought a DSLR camera, took a photography course, and started a photography business part-time while I continued to work full-time in the corporate world. Many years later, we moved to a new city and I left my photography business (and corporate gig) behind. I decided to experiment with offering photo organizing services to stay busy and see if there was much interest.

Fast forward to 2019 and the demand for organizing far exceeded the demand for photography so I retired from photography work and now focus full-time on organizing for clients around the world!

Photo Organizer

5 Things I Love About Being a Professional Photo Organizer:

Photo Organizer
Hearing the relief in a client’s voice after I’ve finished organizing and backing up their digital photos is truly priceless.

Photo Organizer
It certainly took a few years for me to figure out a good balance for my schedule, but I’m so grateful for the flexibility I have!

Photo Organizer
The old corporate world me could NEVER dream of the amount of work I’d be able to accomplish from my home office!

Photo Organizer
Good thing I love problem solving and learning about new tech tricks… because that’s basically my whole gig!

Photo Organizer
This is such a needed job, especially as our camera rolls only continue to grow and grow.

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