“Organizing my photos is going to take forever, be super overwhelming and I’m scared I’ll make a mistake.” 

It doesn’t have to be this way! My self-paced online courses will guide you step-by-step through my signature time-saving processes. 

Does this sound like you?


Simplify the tech, create a photo library you love (with backups you trust!), so you can USE and ENJOY your photos again!  

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Where should I start? 

Backup Bootcamp™ is the best place to start. After you build your digital system with Bootcamp, all the other photo-related projects- like scanning or photo book design- get easier. 

If Backup Bootcamp feels too big, the Conquer Your Photo Overwhelm eBook is a quick read with some small steps you can take to start improving your relationship with your photos (+ motivational pep talks to build up your confidence)!  

Are your courses only for Mac or iPhone users? 

No. My resources apply to iPhone, Android, Mac and PC users. The exceptions are my Mac Basics course and iPhone User Guide (for obvious reasons). 

Is there overlap between your courses? 

There is very little overlap between courses- each focuses on a separate topic. This keeps prices more affordable and lessens overwhelm for students (focus on ONE project at a time). 

Will my access expire? 

No. All resources are self-paced and access doesn’t expire. You can work through the material when you are ready and at the pace that works best for your schedule. 

Will I have to purchase the course again if there are updates in the future? 

No. Your purchase includes any future updates to the course materials. 



Thorough step-by-step video tutorials for large projects

Fast Classes

Just one video training- when you want a quick + easy win!


Easy-to-read written guides to help you enjoy your photos

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Are your photos a mess? 

Do you want to create photo books for your family, but things feel like too much of a mess to know where to begin? Do you carry a constant worry that you could lose ALL your photos? (sure, you're paying for iCloud, but do you understand how it works?) 

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In this free 10 minute video, I've compiled my TOP THREE TRICKS to stop your photo stress. 

"Can I just pay someone to do this FOR me?" 

 You sure can!

Done-for-you solutions include: 

Digital Organizing Sessions (we gather your scattered photos into one photo hub, create proper backups and teach you how to maintain it) 

Scanning and Video Conversion (we digitize old media formats like VHS tapes, slides/negatives so you can give them new life)

Photo and Video Book Design (we design beautiful keepsake items your family can enjoy for a lifetime)