Backup Bootcamp

In this self-paced online course you will learn how to make sense of your digital photo mess!  Video tutorials for both Mac + PC walk through how to centralize your photos from multiple devices, automatically remove duplicates, automatically sort into simple chronological folders, and back it all up to the cloud.


Organizing Old Photos

This self-paced course will teach you the basics of organizing your physical photos (slides + negatives too!).  You'll learn how to efficiently sort, purge, scan, save and share your photos in a format your family will love!

Includes a bonus lesson on converting + organizing old VIDEOS as well!

(participants of the Backup Bootcamp course save $10!  The discount code is on the Bootcamp course website.)

DSLR Basics

This self-paced online course will teach you how to take your photography to the next level.  You'll learn the basics of exposure, how to use your DSLR camera in manual mode (this is a life changer!), the basics of lighting + composition, and great tricks for connecting with your subjects.


Photographing Kids

This self-paced course will teach you my secrets for taking better photos of your kids.  You'll learn how to find the best lighting, basic rules of composition, and all the tricks I've learned in 8+ years of professionally photographing kids (say goodbye to that horrible 'cheese' face!).


Basic Photo Editing in Lightroom

Coming in 2019, this self-paced course will teach you the basics of editing your photos in Adobe Lightroom.  You'll learn how to import, color correct, make basic adjustments, create presets, use outside presets, and export your finished photos.

The course will also include a bonus download of Miss Freddy's favorite presets.

Restoring Photos in Photoshop

Coming in 2019, this self-paced course will teach you how to restore old photos using advanced Photoshop techniques.