5 Helpful New iPhone Photos Features in iOS15

I am LOVING the new iOS15! ???? The enhancements made to the Photos App are especially fun + so, so helpful.⁠⁠

I’ve been playing around for the last week and here are some of my favorite new features in the Photos App:

1. Live Text

Technology just blows my mind. Now we can click on a picture of a phone number and call that number! ????

2. Simplified Sharing

I love the new ‘save’ button that shows up next to a saved image in Messages- so much simpler to add to the camera roll!

3. Much Better Info

I’ve wanted the option to adjust Date/Time of photos in my camera roll FOR YEARS! This is so exciting!

4. Improved Search

The search bar within the Photos app has new search options (like searching by camera type or source app). It’s interesting that the search bar doesn’t return results of the “live text” feature above BUT this can be searched within iPhone Spotlight Search! Plus, you can search images in Notes which is really helpful if you save lots of screenshots there, like I do.

5. Visual Lookup

I don’t think I’ll use this feature as much, but it’s still pretty cool. If you see the little sparkles on your Info button, it means you can get more info about landmarks, art, pets, etc in that photo.

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