all about dropbox

I have been using Dropbox since THE BEGINNING. Well, maybe not their actual beginning (I looked it up and they’ve been around since 2007) but I’ve had an account with them for more than 12 years! (Have you taken my free quiz to get a personalized cloud service recommendation? Dropbox is one of the possible results!)

I use Dropbox for MY ENTIRE LIFE- my business documents, my personal/family documents, my photos + videos, sharing + receiving client project files, and more! My very favorite feature is Smart Sync. It allows me to instantly access ALL my Dropbox files on multiple computers (or my phone) without requiring ALL the space! You can set certain folders to be visible on different devices, request that particular folders be saved locally so it’s available when you’re offline, and free up a TON of space on your computer! The trick is to install the Dropbox app on your computer instead of using their website to navigate your files.

I did a Facebook Live with my favorite Dropbox features + tricks. Here’s a replay:

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