how to remove duplicates from your photo library

Are you swimming in digital photos?  Have you transferred photos from computer-to-computer, phone-to-phone and you feel like you have TONS of duplicates?  Good news!  You can identify + delete them AUTOMATICALLY in a few quick clicks with these tutorials.


how to remove duplicates from your photo library

For Mac users: I recommend the Photo Sweeper software (download it for $10!).  It looks at the VISUAL COMPONENTS of your photos to determine if they are duplicates… it doesn’t matter if they have the same filenames or dates!  It’s so cool.  Check out how it works:

For PC users: I recommend the Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder software (download it for FREE!).  It also looks at the VISUAL COMPONENTS of your photos to determine if they are duplicates and ranks them by ‘similarity’ so you can easily delete the true duplicates.  The limitation is that you have to click ‘delete’ for each photo individually, which can be time consuming (but, again, it’s FREE, if you want a paid option that will work faster, scroll down).

Check out Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder:


Another option for PC users: Duplicate Cleaner Pro is a quicker duplicate cleaning solution (download it for $25!).  Unlike Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder, this program allows you to assign logic to decide which duplicates to automatically delete (ex: delete the duplicate with the smaller file size).  It’s slick!  Check it out:


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