New! Apple Photos Crash Course

One of the 2022 goals I set for Miss Freddy was to test creating ‘mini trainings’ on various topics. Sure, I have online courses that dive DEEP into specific topics but sometimes there are fun topics that don’t need a full 2+ hour course, you know?

I’ve decided to call these Fast Classes with the goal to cover the topic in 45 minutes or less. No modules, no lessons- one single video to watch. If they’re popular, I plan to release several through the year.  Today I’m ready to share my first Fast Class- the Apple Photos Crash Course!  

What is Apple Photos? What is iCloud? Is it worth it? What’s great about it? What’s NOT so great? How did I set mine up? And what is most important to understand as an Apple Photos user?

The Fast Class includes the 45 minute video, a downloadable PDF of the slides for quick reference/note-taking, and a bonus FAQ document that covers the most commonly asked questions I receive about Apple Photos and iCloud. This class will be most helpful for Mac + iPhone users. 

Are your photos a mess? 

Do you want to create photo books for your family, but things feel like too much of a mess to know where to begin? Do you carry a constant worry that you could lose ALL your photos? (sure, you're paying for iCloud, but do you understand how it works?) 

Free Training!

In this free 10 minute video, I've compiled my TOP THREE TRICKS to stop your photo stress.