what is changing with Amazon?

Last year Amazon announced they will discontinue Amazon Drive at the end of 2023. This does not impact Amazon Photos.

Amazon has been sending emails about this change for more than a year now and even though the emails are pretty clear and informative, I’ve seen LOTS of confusion about the change and have received many panicked messages. Please take the time to read this carefully. ⁠

The most important thing to understand is that your photos + videos WILL STAY in Amazon Photos after Amazon Drive goes away. For most people, no action is needed. ✔️

What does this mean?

Amazon will no longer allow uploads of non-photo and non-video files.

Most people did not use Amazon to store these types of items and do not have to take any action.

But… what if I want to interact with my photos in folders?

If it’s important to access folders from your phone, consider adding a folder-based cloud service like Dropbox or OneDrive.

Do you still recommend Amazon Photos?

Absolutely! With unlimited photo storage included in Prime membership, for many people it is the most affordable cloud storage option. It has useful search features, facial recognition, and sharing options too.*

* these benefits are not currently available in all locations.

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The most important thing to remember is that your photos + videos will stay in Amazon Photos after Amazon Drive goes away!

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