understanding external hard drives

Have you ever felt like your devices are bursting at the seams with photos? As a professional photo organizer, I hear this from my students all the time. An external hard drive (EHD) is an excellent tool when organizing and backing up your photo collection. Many people are afraid of external hard drives though which is why I created a completely free eBook that explains everything you need to know in simple terms so you can overcome that fear and embrace this valuable tool.

When you hear the term “external hard drive” do you immediately think “backup copy?” Sure, they’re fantastic for backups, but they can be so much more! EHDs provide a spacious work zone. What if you thought of that EHD as an extension of your computer? An EHD allows you to work on your photo project without those dreaded “storage full” messages.

understanding external hard drives (free ebook!)

In the free eBook you’ll find:

  • why you should use an external hard drive
  • choosing the right EHD
  • formatting an EHD (instructions for both Mac and PC)
  • taking care of your EHD
  • backup best practice

recommended external hard drives

This is the solid state EHD I recommend- solid state drives are much, much faster and more reliable so they’re worth the extra investment if you can afford it.

This is the traditional EHD I recommend, if you don’t want to spend the extra money for solid state.

Ready to gather and organize your photos on an external hard drive?

The Backup Bootcamp™ course leads step-by-step through the simplest photo transfer methods, easy duplicate removal, helpful organizing software and 3-2-1 backup setup. The course includes video tutorials for both Mac and PC as well as a direct chat for technical support!

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