how to create an annual video reel in iMovie

At the end of each year, I like to take all of my random iPhone video clips and compile them into one, long annual video reel for my family to enjoy.  Sort of like the ‘old’ days when we’d pop the camcorder tape into the VCR and watch home videos as a family (am I dating myself too much with that reference?).

Creating an annual video reel is actually quite easy with the iMovie application that comes on every Mac computer and iPhone.  I’ve filmed tutorials for both Mac + iPhone to show the steps I use to create my family’s annual video reel each year.

how to create an annual video reel in iMovie

how to create an annual reel in iMovie

The part that probably feels the most overwhelming is FINDING all of your videos, but I include great shortcuts at the beginning of the video that makes finding the photos really simple!

Here’s the tutorial for iMovie on iPhone:

Here’s the tutorial for iMovie on Mac:

If you’re interested in getting your photos/videos into a simple folder structure like I use in the video, check out my Backup Bootcamp online course!

After I create our annual video reel, I upload the file to YouTube (as unlisted) and stream the video on our TV for the whole family to enjoy. It’s also easy to share the link with other close family members, if needed.

Love the idea of an Annual Reel, but not interested in creating it yourself?

Let me create it for you… purchase one here!

how to create an annual video reel in iMovie

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