new video streaming service: projector!

If you’re old enough to remember the days when we gathered the family around the TV, popped a tape into the VCR (am I dating myself?) and watched our family videos… you’re going to love this new service!

Projector makes it simple to stream your family video library on your smart TV! Think of it as your own personal Netflix.

On their website you can upload your videos (no limit!), organize into categories or playlists if you wish, and then use the Projector App on your smart TV to view them any time!

Sharing is easy too! You can share your Projector videos with family members even if they don’t have a paid Projector account- they just need to install Projector on their Smart TV as well.

Projector can be installed on Apple TV, LG TV, Fire TV, Google TV, Roku TV and Samsung TVs. And the app is super easy for ALL ages to use- if you can use Netflix, you’ll understand Projector. My kids LOVE it!

My family has been using Projector for almost a year now, while they’ve been beta testing, and I really love what it’s become. This month they officially launched to the public. Learn more at their website!

*These are affiliate links which means I will receive a small commission from Projector if you choose to sign up. My family pays for this service and did not receive it as a gift.

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