It’s been a year, hasn’t it?  Nothing looked like the plan I created at the end of last year. As I was writing this post I looked back at the goals I listed in last year’s Year in Review post and I was glad to see I did achieve my #1 goal: take the summer off of client work. When I set that goal I obviously didn’t know how much I’d NEED that break after quarantine + virtual school + a full client load in the spring.


Half of the numbers look similar year-over-year (digital photo organized, Instagram stories shared, and blog posts written are very consistent). I scanned double the number of photos though (yay!) and filmed a LOT more course tutorials. I launched my Mac Basics course, entirely re-filmed and updated my Backup Bootcamp course, and created many hours of content for my new Small Group Mentorship Program.

Let’s just hope 2021 brings a tiny bit more child-free time for my client calls (thank goodness for very patient + flexible + understanding clients this year!)

2021 GOALS

I’m ending the year feeling tired (aren’t we all?). I want 2021 to include more rest. And more reading for fun. I’m super excited to participate in Gretchen Rubin’s #read21in21 challenge and incorporate daily reading into my routine again.

I’d also like to launch 1 or 2 mini online courses and re-design my website. My list of business goals is shorter than it’s ever been but that feels right if I want to make time for rest. (And, ok, maybe 2020 taught me not to get so deeply attached to my goals… there’s still so much uncertainty).

It was a tough year worldwide, but I’m closing it with feelings of gratitude for every client I was able to serve. Thank you for your continued support of Miss Freddy! ❤️

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