year in review [2021]

This year certainly had its surprises, but in general it brought much better balance in my life. My kids were mostly in school full-time which allowed me to work normal hours (no more late nights + weekends), I took the summer off again to enjoy family time, and I outsourced some aspects of my business to make my workload a little more manageable.


There was a lot of growth in the year’s numbers. My Instagram Stories doubled thanks to adding my new Weekly Q+A (which has been really popular!). My Digital Photos Organized doubled thanks to two clients who started with 3.8 million files (I helped over 80 clients so it’s a little wild that only two accounted for half the files). My Scanning + Video Conversion business more than doubled too (hooray)!

At the start of 2021 I closed the Backup Bootcamp Facebook group where I had been providing technical support for the course and replaced it with a ‘direct chat’ option right on the course website. It’s been SUCH a good addition to the course and students are receiving much better response time (I answer questions daily Monday-Friday). I had over FIVE THOUSAND conversations with over 1,000 current or prospective students.

Oh, donkeys. This year I publicly admitted I find donkeys adorable and shared my spontaneous visit to a local donkey sanctuary where I was able to spend some time up close (hugging!) donkeys. It later turned into me sponsoring a donkey named Axel. Hopefully 2022 brings more donkey encounters!

2021 GOALS

I’m excited to simplify my offerings and website in order to hopefully make it easier to find the solution you need (I currently have a LOT of resources and I know it can be a little overwhelming)!

I have a brand new accountability/coaching program I’m excited to launch later in the year (I’m not ready to share details yet, but if you’ve bought Backup Bootcamp and haven’t found the motivation to complete it… this will be for you)!

I’d also like to experiment with some ‘mini trainings‘ that are live and much quicker than my full length courses.

On a personal note, I’m going to continue my focus on REST by maintaining the changes I’ve made in my work/life balance this year, taking the summer off from client work again AND keeping up with the reading habit I’ve established.

Happy New Year!

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