year in review [2023]

As the year comes to a close, I like to do a quick run of the numbers and reflect on how things went. Here are some nerdy stats:

2023 Highlights

Support Group. The new “support group” concept (live working sessions on Zoom) I introduced this year for the Family Yearbooks and Backup Bootcamp courses has been sofun! Working in small groups to help students cross the finish line on these projects is some of my favorite work yet! I’m excited to do these again in 2024.

Growing a Team. This year was a big milestone for Miss Freddy when I welcomed Tess and Kelly onto my team to help manage digital organizing projects. With their help, I was able to take fewer clients and focus time on things like Support Group.

New Family Yearbooks Website. I was lucky enough to work with Kim again this year. She’s a Teachery course designer (the platform where I host my courses). I LOVE how it turned out!

2023 Lowlights

Sales were down. Revenue this year was well below last year across the board- course sales, digital organizing bookings, but scanning + video conversion projects saw the biggest decline. Perhaps it’s just the general economy (my services certainly aren’t essential expenses)- I’m not entirely sure!

Instagram Engagement. The size of my following grew a LOT this year (yay!), but the number of people seeing my content was WAY down. My Instagram stories are being seen by ⅓ of the eyes vs this time last year, even though my account has grown by 20k in that time! The numbers don’t make sense, but I’ve heard this from many influencers so I know I’m not alone. 


As I look back at the numbers, I’m SO proud of what my team accomplished! We helped over 80 clients from all over the world organize almost SIX MILLION PHOTOS and in the process we deleted over FOUR MILLION DUPLICATES! Woohoo!! Can we help YOU in 2024?

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