back to school photo signs

Wow.  The kids are going back to school already?  Weren’t we just counting down the days until summer?

Thankfully, I have a new product in the shop that’ll be perfect for your first day of school!  Document the day with these cute signs, designed by Miss Freddy!  Simply print the necessary grade(s) for your kid(s) and have them hold the sign for a quick photo.  Also included is a ‘last day’ design so that you can repeat at the end of the school year, compare the photos & see how much your child has grown.

back to school photo signs


As a bonus, I’ve included this matching first day of school interview template FOR FREE.  Have your little one(s) fill out their answers- it’s the perfect way to document their handwriting & personality at this age!

back to school first day interview questions

Visit the shop to get all the details on these fun back to school items & have a great first day of school!

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