cute photo gifts for kids

Kids LOVE looking at photos of themselves so if you want to get a gift they’ll LOVE, look no further than these two adorable photo gifts for kids from Pinhole Press.  Both are inexpensive, adorable, and fit perfectly in Easter baskets!

photo memory game

My kids are OBSESSED with playing memory right now. We have an emoji matching game, a Disney princess matching game, and for Easter we’ll add some personalized ones to the mix too!

love these cute photo gifts for kids from pinhole press!

Select twelve photos to customize this adorable memory game. It comes together in seconds on the Pinhole Press website. They offer multiple designs for various holidays (or this nice neutral design shown below). But the best part is that you can use these as cute little prints after your kids lose interest in playing the game. The print quality is great because it’s Pinhole Press!

polaroid magnet set

Have a bunch of everyday photos sitting on your phone’s Camera Roll? Your kids would love to see them! This adorable set of magnets is a really fun way to get your photos into their hands.

love these cute photo gifts for kids from pinhole press!

Since these magnets are pretty inexpensive ($19.99 for a set of 6), it’s easy to swap out photos for the seasons or even build a little collection over time that covers the entire fridge!

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