cute photo gifts for moms

Know what moms love? Photos of their kids. And showing off photos of her kids. That’s why these fun photo gifts from Pinhole Press are EXCELLENT choices for Mothers Day!

All About Mom Book

I purchased two of these ‘All About…’ books last year to send the Grandmas for Mothers Day. They were a HIT! The Pinhole Press website has the template pre-built for you, including the prompts. Drop a few photos into the template and that’s it (seriously, takes seconds to make).

Love these cute photo gifts for Mothers Day from Pinhole Press!

When the book arrives, ask your kids to answer the prompts and write their answers in the book (or if your kids are old enough, have them write the answers- adorable!). A super easy + personalized Mothers Day gift!

Brag Book

Brag books make a great gift for moms + grandmas. These tiny albums tuck right into a purse and are an impressive way to show off new photos of your (grand)kids. (Remember the days before social media when people carried around photos in their purse? It was great. We should still do that!)

You can design a brag book in a few minutes at the Pinhole Press website. This one is the black leather option:

Love these cute photo gifts for Mothers Day from Pinhole Press!

They have really cute ones with fabric covers too and they’re all only $24.99!

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