what is a family video book?

What is a Family Video Book? An innovative 6.5″ x 8″ album that contains a 7″ LCD screen inside. The loaded videos automatically begin playing when the album is opened and there are simple navigation and volume controls.

The book features a personalized cover and will be pre-loaded with your video footage. Display it with your regular photo books… you will LOVE having this easy access to your family videos!

This also makes an AMAZING gift for a special birthday or anniversary- collect video messages from friends + family and deliver them on this special book!

How does it work? After purchase, you’ll receive an email within 1-2 days with your personalized cover options and a link to upload the videos you want loaded on the device.

How many videos can it fit? My family’s video books have 5-6 videos each (20 mins of footage is about the max of my kids’ attention span). I will accept up to 20 3-5 min videos (1 hour of footage) which I will optimize for the device.

Can I remove or add videos from the book? Sure! The USB cable can connect to your computer so you can remove, re-order, or add new videos in the future.

How long does the battery last? About 2 hours of playtime. The book comes with a USB charging cable.

What is a full wrap photo cover? For an additional $50, I will design a photo cover image instead of the simple black leather option. Full wrap covers look like this:

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