my time-saving trick for catching up on project life

I’ve been using Project Life to create annual yearbooks for my family for over seven years now.  I LOVE using this simple system + super convenient app for telling my family’s story.  Perhaps that’s obvious based on the number of times I’ve shared about it on my blog?

Over the years, I’ve streamlined my process quite a bit.  But this year I stumbled across a new trick (well it’s not actually a NEW feature… just new to my own workflow) that’s made the process even FASTER.  Especially for creating albums using OLD photos.  Basically, the trick is that I do all the photo selection on my computer now (using the free Adobe Bridge program which makes it FAST).  Then I send my selections to my iPad (or iPhone) in an instant using Airdrop.  Here’s a tutorial:

my time-saving trick for catching up on project life


Here are the steps I covered in the video tutorial:

  1. Create a folder on your desktop called “Project Life Photos.”
  2. Open Adobe Bridge, find the folder with your photos, and flag favorites by hitting the 5 key.
  3. Filter for photos with 5 stars and copy the 5 star photos into the Project Life Photos folder.
  4. Open the Project Life Photos folder in Finder.  Select All, right click, choose Airdrop.
  5. Send them to your device and design your pages in the Project Life App!


I’ve been using this trick all year long for my 2018 album and it’s so much faster for me to select photos this way versus scrolling through them on my phone.  I also REALLY love using my iPad for designing pages now (I just got it at the beginning of the year)- having a bigger screen to see my work is lovely!  Even better, I purchased this bluetooth keyboard so it feels more like a computer + journaling is a breeze!


**Airdrop is only available on Mac products.  If you have a PC, you can check out the FREE app called Zapya– it has similar functionality!**


Give the Airdrop trick a try and let me know what you think!  Want more Project Life tips?  Be sure to sign up for my monthly newsletter!


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