Photo Gifts: Digital Frame

When I was in college, I had a laptop where I set a screensaver that would scroll through ALL of my photos. When friends were hanging out in my dorm room sometimes we’d get sucked into the slideshow and start traveling down memory lane. Now, this was a time before cell phones and social media (but our cameras were digital!) so this rolling display was an excellent way for us to ENJOY our photos.

Fine, maybe that was a *few* years ago, but there’s no reason we can’t enjoy that same experience today. Digital frames have come a long way and now cloud-enabled frames can connect right to your social media, cloud storage accounts, or directly receive photos via email!

A cloud-enabled digital frame can automatically pull photos from social media and cloud storage!  It makes a great holiday gift!

There are two digital frame brands I recommend: Nixplay (shown above) and Pixstar.

For Christmas two years ago, we gave my mom a Pixstar digital frame (she called it a ‘smart frame’). When she setup her account, a unique pixstar email address was created for her frame- I can email photos from MY phone to this email address and they’ll show up on her frame! It’s actual magic!

To make it even MORE fun… for Christmas last year, I scanned five huge boxes of childhood photos from my parents’ house. I then sent all of the digital copies to my mom’s frame too! It’s been SO FUN for my parents to see those long-lost memories pop up among all of the new pictures.

Digitizing childhood photos is an AMAZING holiday gift. You can send me prints, slides, negatives, or old video tapes (even those little camcorder tapes!) and I’ll turn them into digital files your whole family can enjoy! Learn more about my scanning services or if you’d like to learn to do-it-yourself, check out my Organizing Old Photos online course!

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