three easy things you can do to improve your photos

Get this…. right now, in 30 seconds, you can drastically improve the quality of your photos and it doesn’t require an ounce of skill!  There are three SUPER simple changes you can make with your phone photography that will help make your images more crisp, clean and natural.

three easy things you can do to improve your photos

1. Clean your lens. Isn’t it interesting that we make a big deal out of keeping our ‘nice camera’ lenses clean? Lens caps, filters, lens wipes… our camera lenses are well protected and sparkly clean. But the lenses on our phone cameras (which we rely on more often these days!) are absolutely FILTHY. Finger prints, face oils, dirt, grime… it’s all impacting the clarity of our photos. Take 10 seconds right now and give your phone lenses a quick wipe (front lens and back lens).

It’s great to get in the habit of wiping your camera lens every time before you take a photo- you’ll see an enormous improvement in your image quality! But even if you don’t remember to wipe the lens before every photo, you can become more aware of the impact of a dirty lens- take note of haziness or halos around your lights (see below).

2. Don’t zoom. Sure, it’s convenient to zoom in on your subject to get a closer shot, but the instant you zoom the image becomes a bit pixelated and quality deteriorates. Instead, walk closer to your subject and get the shot without zooming- you’ll be much happier with the result!

3. Turn off the flash. Open your camera and switch the flash setting from Automatic to OFF. Flash will make your photos look less natural and candid, plus they can cause squinty or red eyes from your subjects (no one likes that!). The instances where you’ll actually need flash are SO infrequent and isolated that there’s no need to keep it on all the time. Go ahead and turn that off!

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