jill is three!


You are three years old, baby girl!  I can hardly believe how much you’ve grown up this year!  It’s funny, but you LOVE being the baby of the family and you definitely use that to your advantage.  At night when I tuck you in and say “Goodnight, Boo,” you reply, “No, say goodnight BABY Boo!’  And then when you sneak out of bed and get caught, you stand innocently at the door and say “I just love you, Mom.  Goodnight!”  Oh, you’ve got us all wrapped around your fingers.

You’re so talkative and our conversations are hilarious because you repeat everything back to me as a question. “We have to wait for the light to turn green.”  “The light to turn green?”  But my favorite is when you give compliments like “I love your big nose, Mom. I have a tiny nose and you have a big nose.”

Somehow, you’re a bit of a girly girl.  Your obsession with the color purple has turned into an obsession with the color pink.  YOU LOVE MAKEUP.  I finally had to buy some “fakeup” because I was tired of seeing you break into my own makeup stash.  Daddy brought you home a ‘Miffy’ makeup bag from his trip to Japan and you CARRY IT EVERYWHERE.  You even snuggle with your ‘Miffy bag’ in bed at night.  And when you come into my bedroom in the morning, you bring your makeup bag along and immediately ask me which color eye shadow I’d like to wear that day.  Better yet?  When you say  “I’m not done, Mom… you’re not pretty yet” and then break out the fake lipstick.

The bow in your hair has become your signature (but also entirely necessary so your hair isn’t hanging in your face) and you’ve become particular about the placement so I hear at least 20 times a day: “Peeyou fix my bow, Mom!”

For your birthday you’re getting a big girl bedroom.  We have been talking about it for months and you’ve asked for a ‘flamingo bed’ so it’s a flamingo theme.  I picked out a fun teal color for the walls (I can only do so much pink) and when I invited you into the bedroom to see the finished product you said “It’s good.  I just like pink though.”  Girl, you make me laugh every single day.

Tomorrow you begin preschool and I’m emotional about it.  It feels like a big step… a totally new chapter for us.  We have enjoyed so many sweet mornings together while Colin was in school and now you’ll finally be able to go to your own class.  I’m going to miss our Mommy + Jill mornings, but YOU ARE SO READY for school.  During the last year of dropping off Colin, you’d go through the same motions- hang your coat in the cubby, use the potty, wash your hands, sit on the circle- and then I’d make you leave with me because you weren’t old enough to stay.  But, tomorrow is your big day, Jill… you’re three now and you get to go to school!

Baby Boo, this year with you has been my favorite yet.  You just keep getting better and better.  I love you so much and I’m so excited to see what THREE brings!

Love, Momma

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  • MJ

    Your birthday letters are so dear!  She will treasure these words someday ?ReplyCancel

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