eleven months


I keep saying ‘I can’t believe he’s going to be a year old… I can’t believe it…’  But, I need to just focus on this moment.  Celebrate eleven months.  Because eleven months is ELEVEN MONTHS.  Not to be overshadowed by the approaching first birthday.

The photos this month are a little more limited, fella.  You’re a wiggly one now.  You crawl on any surface [on your knees now!] and do NOT want to lay/sit still to have your photo taken.  Actually, there was a distinct and very noticeable change as I took photos this month.  I used to be able to laugh & sing to easily get your attention, but suddenly you’ve realized that there are much more interesting things in the world than Momma.  In fact, anything appears to be more interesting, if there’s a camera to be avoided.


The expression above?  That’s your ‘hmmm… what’s that you have?  I think maybe I need that’ face.  Most commonly seen when Mom is trying to eat forbidden foods like candy or cookies.  But in this case, I think it was just the camera lens cap that caught your eye.

If I’m being honest, this month has been one of the tougher months.  A cold, followed by cutting two teeth, followed by travel, then another cold, and one more tooth.  It seems like your sleep has been perpetually interrupted and I’m craving a return to normalcy.  On top of the unreliable sleep, you’ve learned how to whine.  And that noise is not Mom’s favorite.


Of course, there have been some fun milestones too!

You’re pulling yourself up [to knees, not feet quite yet] and love to hang on the side of your crib [now adjusted to the lowest mattress setting].

You’re having conversations with me!  Oh, it’s absolutely wonderful.  You make a noise/squeal, I mimic the noise/squeal, you make a new noise, I mimic that noise.  It’s a hilarious game that provides unending entertainment for us both [good thing we’re easily entertained].

You’re reading books.  Momma setup a new storage bench and now that your books are at your level, you enjoy crawling over & pulling out your favorites.  You stare at the cover [sometimes upside down… I especially love that] and occasionally open it up to look at the pages inside.


Favorite Book: Granny Janny bought you Five Little Fishes [pictured above] from the Aquarium gift shop and you like to push on the little fishes as we read the story.

Favorite Toy:  Thanks to a couple consignment scores, we’ve added some real toys to your collection of mixing bowls & measuring spoons.  You’re a big fan of this guy.  Just wait though, Momma has a few more things tucked away for your birthday.

Favorite Song:  You love splashing during swimming lessons when we sing If You’re Happy and You Know It.

Favorite Food: Scrambled eggs.

Favorite Word: Lots of ‘goos’ this month.  My favorite is when you say it to Colby Jack, to try and get his attention.

Favorite Thing to Do: Crawl… everywhere.

Little one, this month has brought more laughter, noises & fun to our household [despite the sicknesses & sleep regression].  I cannot wait to see what the next month holds!

Love, Momma

[Monthly onesies are made by my talented cousin, Bridget. You can buy your very own set at her new etsy shop!]

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