eight months


You are eight months old, baby boy. EIGHT MONTHS! That blows my mind. You’ve taken ahold of my heart, in the best way, and I’m so glad you’re here.

Eight months has brought more personality & more fun. When we try to take a toy away from you now, you’ll shriek or sometimes cry. You’re very aware of our actions. If we set that toy on the table or across the room… you still see it. You reach for it. You’re determined.

You traveled across the country like a champ during our move to Seattle. Two weeks jumping from hotel-to-hotel and staying in various homes. Spending long hours in that car seat without complaints. Mom sure had her share of cranky moments. But not you. You’re the best baby.

This month you’ve developed quite a voice. Always making noise. You blow raspberries, babble endlessly, make a nasal snorting sound like a zombie [my least favorite] and say ‘dadada.’ [Hopefully ‘mamamama’ soon?] You’re very content to carry a conversation with yourself when riding in the car seat, stroller or our brand new hiking backpack. When we were hiking last weekend, you were on Dad’s shoulders babbling like a mad man. Strangers hiked past us saying ‘that little guy has been making all the noise?’

You’ll smile at anyone who smiles at you. But you still save most of your giggles for your Mama. And that warms my heart.

We went to story time at the library last week and sang ‘Head Shoulders Knees & Toes’ and you were delighted. Something new to break the monotony of ‘Wheels on the Bus’ & ‘B-I-N-G-O’ that you’ve been hearing on repeat from your Mama. If I start singing ‘head….shoulders…’ you immediately look up and smile, waiting for me to do the dance.

In the words of Grandma Josie, you’ve become quite the ‘porker’ this month. You’ve been a very long & lean baby. And oh how I wished for rolls on those thighs. But this month? Your cheeks have rounded, your wrist rolls have solidified & those thighs… oh, those chunky thighs. You’ve been enjoying solid foods. Especially now that we’ve added meat into your fruit & veggie rotation. But I think the main reason you’ve started to grow so much is that you’ve finally overcome your reflux problems. [hooray for that!] It was a long road, little man, paved with SO MUCH LAUNDRY and SO MANY BURP CLOTHES, but you made it.

Still no teeth. But oh the drool. Maybe those teeth are close… or maybe you take after your Mama who didn’t get teeth until over a year old. You’ve been sticking out your tongue, constantly, for the last few weeks. It’s especially cute when you do it after nursing, with a little bit of added lip smacking.

But my favorite thing right now? My very favorite. The way you put your chin down, tilt your head, and give Mama that charming smile & googly eyes. Usually when you’re in your car seat, looking at me in the mirror. I melt. You’re going to use that to your advantage. I just know it.

We have had our struggles too. You still haven’t mastered napping. Your cat naps had finally started to lengthen, but then we got to Seattle and you refused to nap out of my arms again. We are working through it though. We will get a routine soon. And until then I am entertained by your new sleepy cue- trying to eat my face [seriously… why is that?]

My beautiful baby boy, I love you. Thank you for brightening my days with your smile, your giggle, your ‘gimme gimme’ hands, and [lately] your constantly flailing arms.

Love, Your Mama


Sidenote: The monthly onesies are made by my talented cousin, Bridget. I adore them. I look forward so much to these monthly photo sessions & documenting Colin’s growth. You can buy your very own set at her new etsy shop!

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