best of west seattle: shopping

Truth be told… I don’t really like to shop.  Amazon is my jam (I’m a prime junkie).  I basically buy everything online except groceries.  But, there are a few local shops I really love when I need a quick shopping fix.

Miss Freddy, a West Seattle mom and kids photographer, shares her list of the best shops in West Seattle!

best shops in west seattle (according to miss freddy)

  • Curious Kidstuff.  We are big fans of ‘the train store.’  We even had Colin’s second birthday party there!  My kids love to play with the train tables and pick out a fun toy while we’re there.
  • My Three Little Birds.  My favorite consignment store in West Seattle!  They have an amazing selection that’s well curated.  It’s where I bring the kids clothes I’m ready to sell and trade up for cute new outfits.  There’s a great play space to entertain the kids while I shop too.
  • Capers.  The home of the ‘famous’ West Seattle t-shirt (we have three).  Good luck getting out of there with just a t-shirt though… SO much great stuff in there (of the home decor & gifts variety).
  • Fleurt.  Even just walking by this place makes me smile.  An amazing assortment of sweet gifts & stationery.  Plus they’ll do an amazing floral arrangement for any occassion.
  • Northwest Art & Frame.  Truthfully, my purchases from here are usually of the kids crafting & glitter variety, but every time I’m inside, I cruise through the front of store and admire all the fun stationery items.  They have great seasonal merchandise and gifts too!


So, catch the itch to go shopping?

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