colin is two



What an incredible year.  A transformative year, for both of us.  I think back to 12 months ago and you were just a baby.  And now, you’re a a little boy.  There are no more onesies in your wardrobe.  Your shoes all have thick soles. The bottles have been pushed to the back of the cabinet, waiting for your baby sister.  All the remnants of your babyhood have gradually faded away (except for the nickname “baby” and that paci in your crib).

It happened so gradually that I hardly noticed.  Recently, I looked at you, chasing after older kids, shrieking with laughter, wearing your big boy jeans & t-shirt, and wondered how did we get here?  I felt a tinge of sadness.  But mostly joy.  Because WE DID IT, little guy!  In those early moments of motherhood, when I was paralyzed by worry and frustration, these were the days I dreamed of.

You’re such a loving little boy.  You save most of your snuggles for Momma (and oh! they’re my favorite!), but you approach many people with a warm heart.  There was a time at The Little Gym, after you bumped into a little girl and hit your head, that you snuggled up into a nearby mother’s lap, tucking your head into her chest while the tears fell down your face.  She gave you a huge hug and smiled at me, saying she wished her child was snuggly.  Because your snuggles really are the best.


Reading is still your favorite activity.  You are always asking for more books at bedtime.  And in the last few weeks, you’ve even started crawling into the reading chair, by yourself, and opening books to read.  Alone.  I smile every time I see this.  Your little legs crossed, book open on your lap, is simply THE CUTEST.

You are a stream of constant babble.  Your Dad & I laugh because it sounds like you’re speaking a foreign language (maybe Japanese?), emphatically.  Your English vocabulary is very limited, but when I hear a word, amidst the babble, I get SO excited.  Lately you’ve been saying “ok”, “this”, “giggle,” “up”, and “mama” (finally, mama!!).  Occasionally, we catch you singing the melody of ‘twinkle twinkle little star’ and counting ‘seven, eight, nine’. (But of course you won’t do it when we ask… you’re quite stubborn.)

When it’s time to make dinner, you want to help.  You stand by my side and need to handle all of the ingredients/tools.  You take the canisters & bottles & measuring cups and walk around the kitchen, returning them to me when I ask for each one (usually).


It’s not all sunshine & rainbows, of course.  You can throw a MEAN temper tantrum.  You’re having trouble communicating because the words just aren’t there yet.  Unlike the walking milestone, where momma worried & worried, I have confidence that you’ll get there on your own time.  You are a cautious little boy and you like to master things, in your mind, before attempting them.  I have no doubt that when you begin using words, you’ll bust out full sentences and find the satisfaction that comes from TALKING about what you want & need.

Colin, I’m forever thankful that God placed you in my arms two years ago.
I love you more each day,


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