my color analysis with your color guru

Back in 2020 I decided to do a color consult with Your Color Guru. I’d heard the owner, Jeannie, on a podcast and was really intrigued by the color analysis concept. Sure, I knew the colors I enjoyed wearing, but I was really curious to know what colors actually looked best on me.

After submitting a handful of photos (nothing fancy, just selfies taken with my phone), I quickly received a report that outlined in detail the colors that would look most flattering, colors to avoid, the jewelry metal tones that are best, and more. The visuals in the report + comments were fascinating.

my color analysis

I learned that silver-toned jewelry was best. That was fun because that’s mostly what I have in my jewelry collection.

my color analysis with your color guru

I also learned that black isn’t my best neutral. Instead I should reach for a charcoal gray or navy. This was definitely ‘freeing’ as I’d frequently purchased black because it’s supposedly flattering on everyone, but I never enjoyed wearing it. Being armed with this information allowed me to cull my closet and donate several items I was holding onto but didn’t actually love.

One of the biggest takeaways for me was that PINK is one of my best colors! Prior to getting my colors done I wore ZERO pink. Gradually over time, I’ve added more and more to my closet. When I wear soft pinks I get so many compliments and I have grown to really love this color.

my color analysis with your color guru

the result

My color result was a Sunlit Summer and I received a ‘color card’ with my 35 best shades. I keep this card saved in my Favorites album in my Camera Roll so I can reference it any time I’m shopping.

I’ll be honest- I’ve never loved shopping, but knowing my best colors has made shopping MUCH easier. When I find something I like, I reference the card, choose colors that will flatter me, and add-to-cart. Done!

Getting my colors done was SO fun and I only wish I’d done it sooner. I could have made some VERY different fashion choices in high school and college.

You can use my code MISSFREDDY to save 10% on your color consult with Your Color Guru! It makes a FABULOUS gift too!

*This post contains affiliate links which means I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase based on my recommendations. This was a service I personally paid for and loved. I appreciate your support of my business!

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