day in the life

My son is covered in spaghetti sauce.  I see my camera out of the corner of my eye, sitting on the table [strategically placed so that it would be ‘accessible’ and I’d be more inclined to pick it up].  But my iPhone is in my pocket.  I take it out to snap the quick photo.  No files to upload.  No editing required.  Instantly available for texting to the grandmas.

Sometimes being a professional photographer can make taking photos with my ‘big camera’ feel like work.  Even in my kitchen.  With a photo subject that’s covered in spaghetti sauce.

But, that’s silly.

This year, I want to try and pick one day every couple months when my ‘big camera’ will be in hand ALL DAY.  Not the iPhone.  Hopefully it’ll push me creatively, but if not… oh, well.  Someday I’ll have fun looking back at a series of photos that document ‘a day in the life’.

January 23, 2014 [Colin is 14 months!]

dayinlife01webMoments before I walk into Colin’s room, I turn on the hall light.  He anxiously pulls himself to his feet and shuffles to the corner of his crib, where the light streams in from the doorway.  He stands there, smiling at the door, waiting for me to walk in.  A happy baby is the best way to start the day.

dayinlife02webNot all of us like to start the day as early as Colin, so he usually joins us in bed for a couple minutes.

dayinlife03webWaffles are a new breakfast favorite.

dayinlife04webWe usually have a play date every day of the week.  This time we explored Carkeek Park with two of Colin’s friends.  He loved playing with the sand [and seaweed] at the beach.

dayinlife06webThe play structure was next to a big field of grass [still green in January!]  I love that there are enormous evergreens almost anywhere we go.


Back home for naptime.  Colin winds down in my arms with a bottle and his ‘lovey.’

dayinlife08webSo happy after a good nap!

dayinlife09webPlay time.  Our living room is slowly being overrun by toys.  Colby Jack isn’t amused.

dayinlife10webDespite all the toys, pulling dishtowels & opening trashcans are the most exciting activities.

dayinlife11webIt was  a gorgeous afternoon so we took Colby for a walk at Alki Beach.

dayinlife12webI love that we live near the water.

dayinlife13webBack home in time to greet Daddy and eat dinner.

dayinlife14webBath is the best part of the bedtime routine.  The funny faces Colin makes while splashing always make me laugh.

dayinlife15webSleep tight, my baby boy.

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