day in the life [december]

Once a quarter I bust out my professional camera at home and lug it with me for a full day to document a ‘day in the life’… photographing our current routine and everyday details.  I thought it would be a good idea to do one smack dab in the middle of the holiday craziness, of course.  The holiday decor makes the photos more fun, right?

Wednesday, December 20, 2016 [Colin is 4, Jillian is 2]

This particular day began with BOTH kids in our bed, per usual.  Except Jill came in around 5am.  Sleep has been a little challenging now that she’s not in a crib anymore (a recent development).  I adore their matching Christmas jammies from Grandma Josie.

The way Jill gets off the bed ‘by herself’ makes me smile.  She slides over the edge but then loses her courage and hangs in this position yelling ‘help me, Mom!’ until she gets assistance for that last tiny little inch.

While I was getting Jill dressed, Colin walked downstairs by himself- with his ‘computer’ and ‘sweet dreams book’ in hand.  These are his two most prized possessions at the moment and so they make the journey up/down stairs frequently.

Best to feed these two immediately in the mornings… or else.  (Jill gets hanger like her momma!)

Next, time for preschool.  Colin asked to bring some paper plate cars we made at home to show his teacher.

While Colin was in school, Jill & I ran a couple errands.  We finally picked out a table for our entryway (it was harder than it sounds!) and it’s been sitting empty because I don’t have a clue how to style the space.  So we started at Pier 1 to get some assistance with decor ideas.

We ran a few other errands and Jill stayed mostly happy until it was already time to pickup Colin (those hours FLY!).

Also, static season.  Someone please send me a remedy!

Back home for lunch and play time with Cousin Ben, a Christmas visitor.  He’s on a college schedule so he was just waking up when we came home (oh, those were the days!).

With Jill’s transition to the toddler bed, naps have become basically nonexistent so this week I tried instituting a new ‘quiet time’ rule.  Each child needs to play quietly in their own room for one hour.  If Jill chooses to nap, that’s even better.  Colin is really into his new Junior Legos sets so he enjoys the quiet time (for now at least).

Jill ACTUALLY FELL ASLEEP!  First nap in a week!  When the hour was up, Jill was still asleep so Colin came downstairs for a little Christmas art project.  He’s into painting lately and requests an art project every afternoon.  Thank goodness for Pinterest.

Next: books.  Out of nowhere, Colin got really into Peppa Pig so we’ve had Peppa books on repeat.

Time to wake up the big girl.  Oh, how I hope naps in the toddler bed become a thing!

The new Peppa Pig house (an early Christmas gift) is a big hit around here.  His letter to Santa:  Peppa Pig car, Peppa Pig camper van & Peppa Pig family.  It’s funny how I never see the new phases/interests coming, but he falls into them SO HARD.

Jill’s cranky so she doesn’t want to play. Just wants to sit on me and pout.

……. aaaaand just because he’s looking especially cute & fluffy, here’s my Colby Jack.

We had gifts to deliver to some of our new neighbors so I asked the kids if they’d help me be ‘Christmas elves’.  Colin threw on his Santa hat and got really excited, but Jill was still in a mood.  Once we started handing them out she came around… yay, Christmas spirit!

Next, off to the gym!  This shot of Jill staring out the car window is my favorite from the day.

It was totally dark by the time we left the gym (hello, winter solstice!) but I liked the way the street lamp made the parking lot look a little magical.

Dinner time.  Note the pup waiting under the table for Jill to drop some food… that’s Colby Jack’s sister Katie who has been living with us for a few months.  She’s excellent at cleaning up after the kids (Colby has gotten a little lazy over the years).

After dinner I ran out to Dream Dinners to do dinner prep for the month (LOVE THEM!) so John handled bed time… hence there are no photos.  I did sneak into their rooms when I got home and… awww, kids are so sweet when they’re sleeping, no?



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All photos were taken with my Canon 5DMarkiv & 35mm f/1.4 lens [see more of my camera gear recommendations]!

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