five and a half


You’re five and a half, baby boy. Yesterday I got a packet in the mail with your Kindergarten school supply list.  KINDERGARTEN.  You are so ready, buddy, but it’s hard not to feel sad as I see the pre-school chapter of your life come to a close.  I’ve been blessed to spend my days with you and I know I’ll really miss our afternoons together when you’re in school full time.

You are unbelievably smart, kid.  You’re reading at what I’d guess is a first or second grade level, writing sentences, and doing simple math.  I can’t take credit for any of it, really.  You’re fascinated by letters and numbers and you like to figure things out on your own.

At end of the year conferences, your teacher shared that you made her a card that said “For my teacher.  I love you.”  She said it was really special for her because that doesn’t happen when you’re teaching preschoolers.  I held back tears because I know how special you are, bud, and it warmed my heart that your teachers see the same in you.

But boy do you HATE to make mistakes.  When we play guessing games, you make excuses about why you can’t say your guess, but as soon as the answer is revealed you say “oh that was what I guessed, Mom!”  You’ll come up with elaborate stories, putting someone else at fault, when anything goes wrong (and you don’t realize we can all see through it).  You’re a true perfectionist.

Last week I took you out for a surprise ‘Mommy and Son Knight’ at the gym.  You tore up the dance floor, stuffed your face with Fruit Loops, and at the end of the night said “I’m so glad we came here.  This was the super-est, shiniest night, Mom!”  I think I enjoyed it even more than you did though.

I’m so proud of you, Colin.




Favorite Food: Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches

Favorite Book:  Ninjago Lego books

Favorite Song: Springsteen by Eric Church (thanks to Grandpa)

Favorite Toy: Funshine Care Bear, remote control car, legos

Favorite Thing to Do:  Swim in the hot tub, talk to Alexa

Favorite TV Show:  Care Bears

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