my top five newborn essentials

Earlier this month, Colin’s 12-month sized pants started looking more like manpris.  As I was transferring them into the storage tote of baby clothes, I couldn’t help but take out all of his itty-bitty newborn things.  The outfit he wore home from the hospital… so tiny.  The swaddlers that used to snuggle him so tightly while he slept. [oh… the memories.]

Now the mom of a toddler, my newborn memories are starting to fade.  Before they are replaced entirely by finger foods, nursery rhymes & time outs, I wanted to share some of the newborn essentials that were so critical in those first few months of life.


aden and anais wraps.  these are wonderfully multi-purpose blankets.  they are large & stretchy making them ideal for swaddling (at least until baby figures out how to break free of everything).  they are thin & breathable for covering infant carriers in the summer sun.  and they are large & drapey for staying discreet when nursing in public.

boppy. whether bottle-feeding or nursing, this made my life much more comfortable.  outside of feedings, we used it as a prop to avoid laying the baby down flat (helped with reflux).  also helped for tummy time & learning to sit up unassisted.  oh and the dog thought it was a pretty cozy place to sleep too.

foam shampoo.  this was the best thing we could find to help with cradle cap.  mustela makes the best baby stuff- we (still) use their soap, shampoo & lotion.  [speaking of bath time… looking for a great bath tub?  Puj was our fave!]

burp cloths.  babies spit up.  a lot. and these cloth diapers are crazy absorbent.  [see also: my tips for dealing with reflux]

winter car seat cover.  welcoming a new baby during the cold, winter months can be challenging.  this snuggly car seat cover made it much easier to get out & about without a fuss.

Disclaimer:  This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase a product through an affiliate link, I receive a small commission.  Obviously I only share products I know & very much love!

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