i love my loopy

Many years ago I saw a post on social media for a new phone case that would “stop the drop.” It showed a video of someone dropping their phone onto their face while looking at their phone while laying in bed. Been there, done that. I clicked through to a kickstarter campaign for this new company called Loopy Cases and immediately purchased a case for my iPhone 6S (if that tells you how many years ago this was).

In the years since that day I have faithfully purchased a new Loopy Case each time I’ve upgraded my phone. Each new phone model would get larger and more awkward to hold in my hands, but as soon as I put the Loopy Case on it, I felt solid and in control of my phone.

why I love my loopy phone case

What is a Loopy Phone Case?

Loopy cases have a functional loop attached to the back that comfortably slips around your finger. This ingenious design adds a secure, comfortable grip to your phone, making it a lifesaver for busy moms on-the-go. When I’m trying to carry all the things, I swing my phone around my finger to face out and can grab around my water bottle.

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Why I Love My Loopy Phone Case

Here’s what I love most about the Loopy case:

  • More Exciting Photos: In my many, many years as a Loopy lover, I’ve taken photos hanging my arm off a chair lift, hovering my phone out over the ocean on a cruise ship, while riding roller coasters, and much more. The loop gives me the confidence that I won’t drop my phone!
  • Simplified Selfies: Moms deserve to be in the picture too! It can be hard and awkward to hit the shutter button during a selfie though- not with Loopy!
  • Stability: I know phones have really improved their stabilization features for taking good video in moments with a lot of movement. But my Loopy case allows me to hold my phone more securely and reduce the shake.
  • Safety: We all know the sinking feeling in the seconds before you pick up a dropped phone to inspect if the screen is shattered. With the Loopy, I never drop my phone.
  • So cute: Over the years they’ve added so many fun styles. I recently got one for valentines day (shown in the photo above) and have kept it on my phone for months because it’s just too cute. I also love their fun transparent designs (the one with the tropical flowers below) because then you can partially see the actual color of your phone beneath.

Pro Tips from a Loopy Case Lover

I’ve learned a few fun things in eight years of Loopy use that can hopefully help! Here are three quick tips for your first Loopy:

  • The Loop is adjustable! When the Loopy case arrives the silicone loop is typically pretty loose. The fit will be personal preference, but I like it to fit more snug. Before you put the case on your phone, pull the silicone pieces on the back side of the case until the loop fits how you like it.
  • You can mix & match loops. In the Accessories part of their website you’ll find SO many cute colors if you want to mix & match with your case. Bonus- if your loop breaks, they will send you a new one. Hooray for great customer service!
  • Don’t throw away the cute matching bag. Each case comes with a coordinating draw string bag and it fits sunglasses perfectly!

Special Discount: Ready to give Loopy a try? Use code MISSFREDDY10 at checkout to save 10% on your Loopy phone case!

*This post contains affiliate links which means I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase based on my recommendation.

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