four and a half


You’re four and a half, baby girl. When I reminded you yesterday that today would be your half birthday, you said “oh good and then NEXT April I’ll be FIVE and a half!” It’s funny because usually you’re trying to act like a baby (asking to sit in a high chair at restaurants for example) but then other moments you can’t wait to grow up. Just be four and a half for now, Boo. There’s no hurry.

You are SUCH a girly girl. You love to wear dresses (the more pink on them, the better!), necklaces, nail polish, and makeup. This morning when I was blow drying my hair you ran to your bedroom and got your brush + fake blow dryer and then joined me, mimicking every move I made with my own brush. Shaking the blow dryer across the brush, just like I did. It was adorable. (Did I mention that while this happened you were wearing your new Rapuzel dress, a beaded flamingo necklace + matching bracelet, AND a butterfly costume headband?).

But, my favorite part is when you put on lip balm or lipstick and then your speech changes because you don’t want to smudge your lips (you’ll say thor instead of four, etc). And it’ll continue for a LONG time.

You’re still so helpful around the house too. You love to feed the dog, take out the trash + replace the trash bags, load the washing machine, and even put away laundry. And you don’t even ask for an allowance!

I love that I get to spend my afternoons with you every day, Jill. This time next year (yes, when you’re 5 and a half!) you will be registered for Kindergarten and nearing a new chapter. So for now let’s just enjoy 4 and a half, girl. Because it’s pretty awesome.



Favorite Food: “Noodles” (Mac and cheese)

Favorite Book:  5 Minute Princess Stories

Favorite Song: Hand Clap

Favorite Word: “I love you 100.” Followed next by “I love everybody 100.”

Favorite Toy: Emoji Matching Game (you are really good at it!)

Favorite Thing to Do:  play with makeup, dance

Favorite TV Show:  True on Netflix

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