life right now [april]


feeling refreshed after two consecutive weekends at home- this spring was really travel heavy. After I was gone 6 weekends in a row, I was feeling behind on all the things! 

working on a sourdough starter. Yes, 4 years after everyone else did it. After my CGM journey this past year I’ve really cut back on carbs but have read that sourdough is better for blood sugar so I’m experimenting!

using my Valentines Loopy case (yes I know it’s April) because it’s just the cutest. If you haven’t had your life changed by switching to a Loopy case, what are you waiting for? Use code MissFreddy to save 10% any time.

watching Felicity on Hulu. I haven’t seen it since I binged it in college and I’m loving it.

listening to Taylor Swift’s new album. My favorite song so far is Down Bad, but it has a few too many f’s for me to sing with the kids.

reading Late Migrations on my kindle. Another Read With Jenna pick (I’m trying to work my way through the full list this year) but I’m not sure if I’m into this one.

keeping these tiny box cutters all over the house because they’re so convenient and useful (and only $5 for a pack of six).

scanning so many photos for clients. In my year-end recap, I shared that my scanning business was down a lot in 2023- the wild thing is I’ve already exceeded last year’s entire scanning revenue and it’s only April. Running your own business can be a crazy roller coaster ride!

preparing for my summer break. Like I’ve done in prior years, I’ll be taking June and July off of client work. My kids get out of school in ONE month. Wild! (Especially because we got 10 inches of snow this weekend so it doesn’t feel at all like it’s time for summer!)

packing for a women’s retreat this weekend in Texas. I think it’s going to be unlike anything I’ve done before and I’m so excited!

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