life right now [april]



loving my favorite spot in West Seattle… the tidepools.  They’ve been especially perfect during all the gorgeous hot & sunny weather! (seriously, why is there never anyone else there?!)

entertaining my brother & his girlfriend who are visiting from Milwaukee.  Yesterday we took Colin on the Duck Tour (first time for all of us) and it was fun to learn a few new facts about Seattle.

feeling giddy after my Fit4Mom final assessment yesterday.  I’ll be sharing the official numbers & before/after photos next week (this week is the final week of class)!

reading The Nightingale.

binge-ing House of Cards.  I protested the show after the first episode because I can’t STAND when Francis talks directly to the camera, but I decided to give it another try (after everyone and their mother told me I was being silly).  I’m halfway through season two now and while I still hate when he addresses the camera, I’ll admit it’s a good show.

listening to My House by Flo Rida.  One of the Fit4Mom instructors got me hooked.

smiling every time Jill throws something on the floor (intentionally) and then sweetly says ‘uh oh!’

prepping Colin for his school pictures tomorrow…  I can’t wait to see how they turn out!  #photographerchildsyndrome

creating a shiny, new Instagram account for my business!  (I’d love it if you checked it out!)

flying to Boston this weekend for my college roomie’s wedding!  Woot!

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