life right now [april]


exploring Colorado (finally!).  The photo above was from Lair O’ the Bear Park in Morrison.

waiting (not so patiently) for our backyard landscaping to be finished.  The sod is sitting in our driveway so it should be ANY DAY NOW.

memorizing muscle groups for my Group Fitness instructor exam.  It’s a foreign language… I majored in business!

getting back on track with healthy eating.  The online health challenge re-started last week and I have a big goal in mind for these 8 weeks.

celebrating my photo organizer CERTIFICATION!  It is official this week!

converting alllllll the VHS tapes from my childhood.  So many amazing memories.

watching Homeland.  Just finished season four. Claire Danes is SO GOOD.

reading The Girl Who Chased The Moon.  (Been too busy to read lately so haven’t made any progress since last month).

booking my trip to VEGAS to see the Backstreet Boys in June!!! Happy birthday to me!

planning a top-secret Father’s Day photo event.  This will be FREE and will not be announced on my blog or social media so make sure you’re on my Denver newsletter if you want more info!

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