life right now [April]


recovering from a work conference (back-to-back trips to Orlando for me this year!)

carrying Colby all the places as he continues to recover from his bi-lateral ACL repair. He had a little hip injury set back last week but is back on track now with his progress.

feeling accomplished after getting my ‘to read’ list down to ZERO! A few years ago that number was 100+ and I truly can’t believe I got to the bottom. But don’t worry, I already have 5 more I’ve added this week.

reading Happiness for Beginners. I scooped this up on a recent Kindle sale.

listening to Demon Copperhead. This audiobook is over 20 hours long so it’s going to take me awhile.

watching the Love Is Blind reunion.

eating Trader Joe’s Butter Chicken on repeat for lunch lately… yummmmm.

wearing a Levels CGM for 10 days. I’ll admit it took me two whole months to sit down and get this going, but so far it’s been fascinating to see how different foods and activities impact my blood sugar.

retiring the Photo Preparedness Fast Class (to make room in the shop for something new!). Save 30% with code FAREWELL before it leaves on May 19th.

wrapping up a lot of client projects because this time next month I’ll be starting my summer break (how is there only ONE MONTH left of the school year?)!

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