life right now [august]


settling into our new routine now that school has started. Colin is in full-day Kindergarten this year!

packing lunches like it’s my job (this is new territory for me).  I bought these great Bento boxes and one helpful trick I’ve found is packing Jill’s lunch while I’m making Colin’s lunch in the morning (even though she’s home from school in time to eat lunch).  It’s much easier to get it all done at once and just pull hers out of the fridge when it’s lunch time.

enjoying some one-on-one time with Jill now that Colin is in school in the afternoons.

restoring my parent’s wedding photos.  Their prints were ruined many years ago so I’m bringing these memories back to life and designing a new, improved album (I’ll share on Instagram stories).

loving this ridiculous (but awesome) keyboard cover I just got… brings a smile to my face for only $5!

watching So You Think You Can Dance.  It used to be one of my faves but I haven’t watched the last few seasons.  This year it returned to the original, smaller stage and feels more like the ‘old days.’

listening to Dave Matthews Band Radio on Sirius XM- it’s fantastic!  I’m not sure how long it’ll be around, but it’s on Channel 30 if you want to tune in.

reading The Guardian.  I’ve had it on my bookshelf for YEARS.

working on holiday photos for my Spinster Sisters gig and now it’s basically Christmas in my house.  The kids think the stockings hung on our mantle are especially fun.

booking lots of Colorado mini sessions.  I still have spots left if you’re local and need updated family photos for your holiday card!

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