life right now [august]


[photo by Jessica Hamlin]


obsessing over images from my maternity photo session [just me & the kiddo].  I’m ashamed to say I haven’t taken photos of Colin with my ‘big camera’ since he started walking… it’s just too tough to keep up with him… so these are such a treat!

watching Big Brother [still].  I’m not even embarrassed anymore.

reading The Poisonwood Bible.  I’ve heard this book is great, but this is the third time I’ve tried to read it.  I always end up setting it down around 100 pages and never pick it back up.  Anyone love it?  Give me the encouragement to finish!

preparing for baby #2 [5 weeks to go]!  Washing little newborn clothes.  Installing the infant carseat.  Packing the hospital bag.

working hard to get ready for my maternity leave.  I’m almost finished shooting [just waiting on two overdue newborns], but now I have lots of editing & blogging to keep me busy until baby arrives.

planning a few more digital items for my new shop!

loving evening family walks.  [ok, mine is becoming more of a waddle]

enjoying the Skimm.  Quick little email containing all-the-news-you-need-to-know that shows up first thing in the morning.  In a really easy to read & understand format.

feeling scared.  We had a hospital tour last week and being in a birthing suite brought back lots of memories from Colin’s birth.  I’m so not ready to do it again.  To make things worse, the birthing suite we toured shared a wall with a woman who was near the end of her labor & was screaming. Loudly.  Oof.  Stay in there, baby girl.  Hold tight.

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