life right now [december]



laughing at this year’s Santa photo.  At least Santa looked at the camera [and no one cried].

loving Colin’s new words.  He started greeting people with a clear ‘hi!’ and says ‘bye’ when they leave.

reading The Goldfinch.  Still.  I’m 150 pages in and about ready to quit.

listening to Serial.  Along with 5 million other people… because dang.

watching The Killing on Netflix.  Good show.

eating homemade caramels.  I made a bunch as gifts and had to eat all the ‘defectives.’

obsessing over our new robot vacuum.  An early Christmas gift.  The thing is crazy cool.

planning my blog posts for the beginning of 2015.  Even though I shared plenty of personal posts through my maternity leave, I have lots of great client sessions from this summer that have been waiting to be shared!

enjoying a really simple holiday season so far.  Minimal decorations [due to toddler], all gifts purchased online, and no elf on the shelf in our home [that article is a good read].

wishing everyone a safe & happy holidays!


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