life right now [february]


spending lots of time this month in mom mode– Colin graduated from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts, Jill is selling Girl Scout cookies for the first time, both kids had multiple orthodontist appointments (both have expanders, one has braces!), and my parents came for a visit. It’s been busy (good busy).

buying a clock for next to my bed. I stopped wearing my Apple Watch a few weeks ago. I wore it for many years and now the texture of my skin in the area the watch covered looks about 50 years older than the rest of my arm… makes you wonder what impact these things have on our bodies, right?

cooking dog food for the first time in Colby’s 15 years. His dog food brand that we’ve used forever was discontinued so I’m experimenting with homemade food and he’s LOVING it.

listening to White Ivy on audiobook. I decided to work my way through the Read with Jenna’s list of books this year.

reading A Little Life. It’s long so it’s going to take awhile.

doing the final proofs/edits on my new website! I cannot WAIT for it to go live!

setting up a new system for my business back-end. It’s related to the website switch (migrating to a new platform) and has been super time consuming but will hopefully be worth it.

taking a huge sigh of relief that the Backup Bootcamp updates are complete! I love how the updated videos turned out.

mailing Backup Bootcamp completion prizes to students who finished the course! Love this new addition. If you’ve finished the course any time in the last 6 years, you can fill out the form on the course website to receive your prize!

packing for a little getaway this weekend. I’m headed to Florida for a small get together with a group of bloggers to chat business. I’m excited!

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